BWMC witnessed the Alumni Meet once again in 2014, when all our ex- students with radiant faces appeared once again. BWMC was proud to welcome them, all successful in their life and now back to give their regards to  the college. ‘Baldwins’ has been a home for many of the students and still continues to be.

The program began with a prayer by Mrs. Hephziba Rajan, the Bible reading and the college hymn. The hall echoed our college hymn making each and everyone proud to be a part of BWMC…To give the Alumni a nostalgic feeling, each Department presented a PPT which drowned them in the memories of their life in the campus - three years which they had spent in BWMC – the rules and regulations which was supposed to be followed, the fun, the phrase “don’t use your phones”, the canteen etc. A number of dance performances enthralled the audience and then it was the turn of the alumni to rock the dance floor and indeed they were the rockers. They also shared their thoughts and memories.

At last, it was with the cake cutting with which the jubilation came to an end. There were smiles, laughter, screams, hugs, handshakes…We look forward to meeting our alumni next year with the same spirit and enthusiasm.

(I B.A)
Cultural Secretary