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Degree Admissions Enquiry Form

Baldwin Women’s’ Methodist College believes in empowering young women with excellent education and integrated character formation to impact the family, community and Nation. Ours is an institution where girls bloom into Womanhood to become the pillars of strength and are also equipped to be the pillars of the families and society at large. We safeguard every girl’s individuality, empower to face challenges of life, boost their self esteem in order to stand tall as a better person in the society.

Kindly Note:

1) This is only an Enquiry Form and does not guarantee admission

2) Meeting with applicants and their Parents will be intimated through SMS/Phone Call

3) Shortlisted Applicants after interview can proceed with the remaining admission formalities

4) By submitting this form you have given your consent to be contacted either by Phone/SMS/Email by the institute

5)  Application fee of Rs. 500 to be paid in the college office at the time of submission between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on all working days. 

Contact for Admission Enquiry : Mrs. Ruth- 8904124263