Principal Message

Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.
                                    – Robert H. Schuller.
Most people feel that a time of great change is upon us. But what kind of change is unfolding, exactly? Answering that question, we must examine some current trends and attempt to understand where they are headed.

Our world today presents us – “AI (Artificial Intelligence), is it a boon or bane?” Man loves to play God – to create and pat himself and admire his creation with an enormous sense of pride. Just as he comes to terms with his achievements he realizes that perhaps there is a price to pay, perhaps an exorbitant price and before he can make amends
he finds that his fellowmen (human race) have already embarked on replicating his creation which may lead to utter destruction. Artificial Intelligence is changing the nature of everything from jobs and the economy, to warfare, communications, privacy, and ethics. But its long-term impact remains to be seen. Will ‘AI’ lead to a better, brighter
future, or move us toward disaster?

Distinguished physicist, Stephen Hawking’s warning that development of full-fledged Autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI) could spell the end of the human race sets alarm bells ringing. Does this mean that one day there would be a reversal of roles where we are subject to super machines that act as our masters and treat us the way we treat animals today? Seems a little far-fetched isn’t it? If researchers do not use technology wisely to benefit mankind and build machines that remain within human control, this could become a reality.

It requires natural intelligence to create artificial intelligence (AI) but, it comes with a price tag. Is the human race ready for this? Do we know where to draw the line? Do the values of society remain the same and strong in all circumstances? Each day we wake up to new challenges and sometimes the future prospects look bleak and dreary.

In view of the present scenario, Baldwin Women’s’ Methodist College strives to tap the potential of students to make them honorable and trustworthy citizens of the world.

Education is the only tool that can help individuals make wise choices to help promote peace and growth. BWMC nurtures her young inmates to use all their talents to make a positive difference in their homes, college and society. The faculty prepares our students towards holistic maturity. Students are encouraged to use knowledge acquired
to become wise, change agents to safeguard both ethical and social values, to become skilful to save both the environment and society from degradation.

And now an opportune moment to appreciate the leadership and inspiring guidance of our Bishop Dr. Taranath S. Sagar and Mrs. Padma Sagar; the motivating encouragement of Mrs. Indira Williams our Manager; and the tireless, diligent service, unwavering support of an excellent faculty with the Editorial team. With God leading us we move on to be a centre for Academic Excellence and Holistic Development.

Mrs.Lydia Samuel
Baldwin Womens Methodist College